School of healthy posture & movement

School of the correct posture and movement ‘DINBO’
School of correct posture and movement DINBO was formed in 2005. During the school’s time it has helped hundreds of people: children, men and women- to generate and straighten your posture, improve gait, improve health, develop focus and optimize coordination and learn martial arts skills.
Qualified and experienced school instructors use effective copyright methods, incorporates both traditional and modern systems of healing and martial arts.
The school is developing several areas related to the rehabilitation and improvement of the neuro-motor systems.
Our training ‘Indogo’ cooperates with the leading teachers of the DINBO school and we organise training of the school in many different cities and countries.
Currently, there are many techniques, procedures and methods that one way or another help a person to solve problems that are related to health. It’s no secret how important to have a healthy spine. About the unique procedure ‘Breathing SPINE’ talks the leading teacher in the school of Complete Movement ‘DINBO’ Oleg Privalov:
‘Breathing of the spine’ is the first of ‘DINBO’ school. The methodology presents a system of mental and physical exercises to restore, strengthen and rejuvenate the musculoskeletal system with a focus on the core- the spine. Activities at this level give a very powerful healing effect and those who done these exercises notices an immediate difference and after the first lesson. It is expressed in an extraordinary ease, filling vital energy throughout the body, with clarity of thought, with balance and tranquillity and feelings of joy and in a state from which you don’t want to leave. A human with discomforts (tiredness, nervousness, stress, pain ect.) moves to a state of comfort in their own body.

Where did the name ‘Breathing Spine’ originate?
The movement of the spine with the compression-tension, is reminiscent of breathing, which is vital to every man, both physiologically and energetically. Humans are under the force of gravity, which runs vertically downward in compression. And this compression, this press in always present while the person is walking, standing or sitting. Modern humans have lost the natural skills of the consciously alignment of your bodies in the gravitational field, one that leads an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. We know that the biggest pressure of the spine falls on the person in a sitting positions. We’re sitting at work, on public transport, at home in front of the TV or the computer. Hence, as a result we experience problems with the spine (curvature, scoliosis, herniation, pain, ect.), with the musculoskeletal system as a whole and unfortunately a fact is a fact that these diseases are growing in numbers and are now becoming very common in younger people. In our classes, we teach a new skill- self -stretching , i.e. a person learns to consciously organize the second part of the ‘Breathing of the Spine’- stretching against the force of gravity. For this purpose, special exercises and training methods are used.
About the result of the studies:
In every person there is a powerful mechanism for the restoration of health, and to be honest I’m amazed every time of the efficiency of this mechanism, providing that you know how to apply this mechanism.
A 13 year old girl was preparing to undergo surgery for a correction of the spine, because she couldn’t hold her own spine upright. After 10 individual lessons she forgot about the corset, the operation was cancelled, and the surgeon who was preparing her for the surgery, said he would never have believed that it was possible if he had not seen the condition of the girl’s spine before and after the course of her studies.
Another case- to my class a 74 year old woman was brought to my class by under her arms because for the past 1.5 years she couldn’t move on her own and didn’t come out of her apartment. The former draftswoman, 40 years behind the drawing board, she twisted her back into an arc so that it looked like a well-known question mark. Already on the fourth session she came alone on her feet and with tear in her eyes. She told me that the day before she went for a walking on her feet for 2 hours.
And in the last 16 years there has been a lot of these stories: people’s back pains go away, hernias disappear in the spine, pain disappears, back becomes straighter, people become balanced and happy, they awaken the energy of life.
At what age can you practice ‘Breathing of the Spine’ and whether there are contraindications? :
-I deal with different categories: children from age 5 and older, adult groups consist of anyone 15 years of age and older and the oldest participant was 82 years of age. Here it is necessary to have a reasonable approach, if a person need physical exercise or physical therapy, then they are welcome to class. In addition to this I hold training on the methods and procedures and with pregnant women in preparation to give birth.

How are the classes/studies held and what type of classes/training exist in the school.
Classes are held individually in a course of 10 lessons, or in groups on a regular basis 2 times a week, groups are small and only consist of 4-6 people. The duration of the class is from 45minutes to 1.5 hours. Also when I am invited, I travel to teaching workshops/seminars in other cities and countries. These seminars are intensive and are 5-6 hours/day and are usually held on the weekends. Such seminars are held in London and in Dublin with great success.
For me it’s important that people not only resolve their problems, but that they learned the techniques and methods of our school and was able to retain this knowledge for themselves and to pass them on to others.
The master, with whom I worked with always said that modern humans have only two paths – one for the development, improvement and evolution and the other was that on the path of degradation, the accumulation of disease or involution. The choice is to be made by the human themselves!
School of correct posture and movement DINBO.
‘Breathing of the Spine’
We invite all who are interested in:
-Own health and the health of people close to you
-Active longevity
-Interaction with the world (external and internal)
-Achieve inner harmony
-Who are seriously engaged in self-development
-Who want to optimize their movement
-Who want to go to a higher level in the development and understanding of the beloved motor processes in the body
-Who is going to fix you’re your posture and improve gait
-Who wish to improve their health and well-being
-Who are interested in martial arts
-Who have problems with their spine and who intend to actively deal with the problem

Leader-Oleg Privalov (St. Petersburg), has more than 20 years of experience in training of the body-oriented practices; a specialist in physical therapy and massage (Diploma of St. Petersburg State University of Physical Culture. P.F. Lesgaft); Leading author of the unique School of Holistic Movement ‘DINBO’; Graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Physical Culture. P.F. Lesgaft and has a diploma in the faculty of increasing the qualification and retraining (Department of Sports Medicine – specialization of LFK).

Our seminars will provide the opportunity to you to free themselves from harmful stereotypes imposed on movement and to find your personality, just the right posture and gait for you. You will discover the inner nature of the criterion of their correctness. When you have mastered the technique DINBO in the development of coordination pf movement, you can apply it to your favourite dynamic practices. In addition private lessons are available.

More information about the system is available on the website of the School, and on-site training schedule – on the site of our Centre “Indigo”

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