Dr. Sinelnikov’s School of Health

School of Valery Sinelnikov School founded by Dr.Valery Sinelnikov opens the doors to everyone who wishes to attend the seminars and training workshops, which are organised by the official representative of the school-training centre INDIGO! (See our schedule). The creator of the School of Health and Joy- Valery Sinelnikov- physician, known for practicing psychotherapist, psychologist, homeopath, writer, author of several discoveries in the field of medical psychology. It’s unique by its simplicity and effectiveness of the psychological techniques that have helped thousands of people recover their health, increase well-being to discover the joy of life. Methodology used by Dr. Sinelnikov is more than a ‘recipe’ for the treatment of diseases or finding a way out of difficult situations. It’s a look and an attitude to life in general, taking responsibility for their actions, works and thoughts. This is a new vision, which allows to find harmony with the world and themselves. His first book, ‘Love the Illness’ was published in 1999 and was based on the results on his scientific work that he began while he was a student at the medical University. Currently he holds many training seminars in many different countries of the world. He writes new books. He is also married with four children and is currently living in Crimea, Simferopol. School of Health and Joy is a community of like-minded people united by a common idea: to serve the truth, God and the people, be the master of your own life and live happily in love and harmony with each other and with the outside world. Zadich School- creates a space for Love, Light and Good in themselves, in your life, on your homeland, in the country you are currently living in, on the earth and in the whole universe. ‘My greatest desire is that each of us have learned to be masters of our life, be the Master with a capital letter, because to begin to manage your destiny and their surrounding reality. This is a serious and important step in life. I wish you to stand onto this path is sometimes difficult, but it’s always fruitful way. This path begins with the knowledge-of yourself, the world and in also close and more distant people that come into your life. While we are gaining knowledge we are learning how to act. And not to just act, but also to take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. Because the most important thing for a Master of life is responsibility. As a landlord is responsible to ensure his home is always safe and sound, so that living in it would be warm and cosy, and we are responsible for how we live and what is our relationship with the world. If a person is healthy, provided that they live in love and joy, loves themselves and loves others around him, so we can fully consider them a master of their own life and their destiny. The School of Health and Joy consists of a friendly team of teachers, doctors and psychologists. Apply the knowledge gained in the training of our school in our own lives and don’t hesitate: your happiness, health, well-being is now in your hands’ Life is a constant development. In order to change your life you must change your outlook, take a different look at yourself and your world and expand your perception. The most successful people are those who lead an active participative life. Someone who is just trying to go with the flow, constantly lagging behind and in the end always loses. Notice, that successful people are the ones who constantly go to all the new workshops and are constantly learning something. Knowledge is a great thing, and one should take the opportunity to learn something if such an opportunity is available. Our diseases- the results of our thoughts Every human being is a part of the Universe. And as a part of the Universe, they perform certain functions in the world. The supreme power of the universe gives us people (and other living and ‘non-living’ beings) and the awareness that enrich the process of life. People contribute to their lives and the universal process of evolution and development. Let’s imagine for a moment that a person is a small cell of a single organism, which is the universe. Every cell in the body carries out its specific function in the body and gets everything it needs to grow from the organism, which are energy and nutrition. Every cell has a life span and over time it grows old and dies, and is replaced by new ones. As in any living organism, in the universe two processes happen constantly: assimilation and dissimilation, or the creation and destruction. Therefore, health is determined by a dynamic balance of these two forces. Once the equilibrium is disturbed, the signs appear in the form of diseases. These diseases indicate where and the cause of the imbalanced equilibrium. So how can thoughts influence these processes? A thought us a universal form of energy that has both the creative and a destructive force. Everyone know how love, kindness, care, approval and attention affects humans. Therefore, such a person that experience this feel happy, calm, cheerful and healthy. Although if the person is constantly threatened, kept in fear, told nasty things; if the person then keeps these devastation thoughts, then very soon his health would be affected and shaken. People underestimate the value of their thoughts, and then wonder- where are all these problems coming from? What kind of destructive thoughts occur in your mind? How often do you criticize or offend someone? To whom do you bear the malice? And who do you feel regret and sorry for? People themselves create their own world and should take responsibility for their lives. But they have got used to blaming others for their problems or blaming themselves for the sins that they never committed. How the thought makes the destructive impact? Let’s again imagine a living organism. If some cells begin to have devastating effects on other cells or on the whole organism, the organism will soon fall ill or become cancerous. So, if you think of yourself badly, if you experience a sense of guilt, berating yourself and so you start a program of self-destruction. And if you are sending destructive thoughts to another person (e.g. hatred), then you will still destroy yourself but indirectly. After all you are a particle of the universe just as any other person is the particle of the same universe just like you. In addition sending negative thoughts to them just shows that you are denying your own existence. (Chapter 2 of Valery Sinelnikov’s book ‘Love the Illness’. We invite you to the author’s 2-day seminar V.V.Sinelnikova in St. Petersburg!

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