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logoTraining Centre ‘Indigo’ invites everyone interested to our thematic meetings, workshops, seminars, training programs and webinars.

‘Indigo’ – is a centre of spiritual, creative and harmonious development.

Our centre was established in Dublin (Ireland) in 2010, with success completing the task of uniting the Russian-speaking population of Ireland, who seek self-perfection.

Centre ‘Indigo’ currently organize and host events in the territory of Ireland, Great Britain and Russia (St. Petersburg).

In our training programs you will gain new knowledge and skills, forming positive thinking, helps you to reveal your inner human potential and the ability to look at yourself and the world in new ways.

You get to meet a lot of interesting people, make new friends and like-minded people.

Our events/activities take place in a unique atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and trust, and we are happy to see new faces in our circle of friends!

Get familiar with the theme and schedule of the Centre on the ‘Events’ page


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